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List of free image resources for your next big design project.


Oct 3, 2020



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When I started out as a Website Designer, free high-quality images were still very hard to find. However as demand for new images grew, I noticed new websites popup all the internet providing beautiful Photos and that too free for commercial usage.

An important aspect of designing a website are images. Images helps us to tell a story visually and helps web designers to convey the website’s message properly.

Although it is always preferred that clients provides the images that we need for designing the website, sometimes it a requirement to use free images instead.

Lets have a look at some websites from where we can use free images for our projects. While the websites free, some of them does require us to provide Attribution to the original creators of these images. In addition while downloading the images , please check their license requirements.

1. Unsplash.com

My favorite website to download free images from is unsplash.com. I have been using this website for 3 years now and in my opinion it is the best curated library for free images.

Unsplash also offers various APIs to be used in website and mobile apps.


2. Pexels.com

My second favorite go to website for free images is pexels.com. The website has a vast collection of free to use images and videos. Like unsplash, they also provide APIs for developers which can be used for various projects.

3. Burst by Shopify

Shopify is a renounced for their top of they line e-Commerce CMS platform. Burst is their free stock photo platform which provides thousands of high-resolution royalty free images.

An important feature of the images here is all of them can be used for commercial projects without any attribution.


4. Pixabay.com

Pixabay.com is another of my favorite websites to look for high quality images. Images provided here are also Free for commercial use.

5. Stocksnap.io

Like all the websites in the list above, this website too provides free high-quality image for commercial usage. In addition to it, like many of the websites above, you can also submit your own photos here any use their APIs.


6. Lifeofpix

LifeofPix is another free high quality photo gallery. Their sister website LifeOfVids offers free videos for download and commercial usage.

7. Picjumbo

picjumbo offers both free and premium images for commercial usage. Their plans includes free monthly images.


8. Reshot

Reshot claims to provide free “non-stocky” images. Well I do love their collection. Check out their site and let me know in the comments how you feel about them.


9. Foodiesfeed

As the name suggests, this website has a collection of beautiful food images. Of course like all the other websites in this list, their images are all free for commercial usage.


10. Freeimages

Its name says it all. This website provides over 300,000 free stock images.


11. Free-images

Don’t Confuse this website with the one above. Although the names are quite similar, free-images as the one above provide vast collection of curated free stock photos.

free images

12. Kaboompics

The feature that I like most in this website are their search filters. They have the option to search photos by color and they also provides a complementary palette of colors in the images.


13. Freenaturestock

This website has a collection of free to use photos of nature. The site is updated daily with new images.


14. Skitterphoto

SkitterPhoto is launched in 2014. Their search filter allows finding images by sorting them via different filters.


15. Jaymantri

Ajay Mantri is a designer based out of Santa Monica, CA. He is also a avid photographer and videographer. His website provides a curated listed of beautiful images which are free to use licensed under CC0.


16. Barnimages

Barnimages was launched in March 2015 by two photographers from Latvia. Although the name may seem misleading as the website doesn’t have only images of barn but is a curated list of beautiful high-quality imagery about everything.


17. Freelyphotos

This website has free high-quality Christian stock photography. Started in 2014, the creator claims to urate the best free images that are great for churches, bloggers, and any Christian creatives.


18. Libreshot.com

It is another one of of those beautifully curated free images library. The website also provides EXIF data and date published for every photo in the website.


19. Focastock

Foca Stock provides free to use photos, videos and templates for commercial usage.


20. Freephotos

As the name suggests, this website has a collection of amazing free to use photos. In addition, the website also provides an online photoeditor, where you can modify your images.


21. Freestocks

Freestocks is another website to get free images from. Images here are can be used for commercial usage.


22. Picography

Picography is one of the newer addition to the ever expanding list of website providing free photos.


23. Styledstock

StyleStock offers free to use feminine stock photography for woman entrepreneur. The collection is free for your commercial & personal works.


24. Isorepublic

ISO Republic offers a broad range free for commercial use photos; they add new images every day under for free under the CCO license.


25. Picspree

Picspree is backed by Getty Images, and provides a large selection of high quality stock photos completely royalty free. You can also submit your own photo here.


26. New Old Stock

This website provides vintage photos from the public archives which are free of known copyright restrictions and can be used for commercial projects.

New Old Stock Stocksheet

27. Little Visuals

This website provides vintage photos from the public archives which are free of known copyright restrictions and can be used for commercial projects.


28. Gratisography

This website provides free to use pictures, captured by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design. All images here are free for commercial projects.


29. PikWizard

PikWizard is owned by Wavebreak Media, a stock video and photography production company lead by Irish videographer and entrepreneur Sean Prior. It is a very pro-style free stock photo site, full of high-quality images portraying multiple popular topics.


30. SplitShire

Photographer Daniel Nanesou has created SplitShire. This website has thousands of artistic and very professional styled photos which are free to use for commercial projects.


31. RawPixel

This website contains both paid and free images. Limited to 100 downloads per user per month, you can get your pick from this artistic and varied collection for free.

32. RGBStock

it is another free for use image gallery website. The images here can be used for illustrations or decorations in books, leaflets, magazines, on websites.


33. StartupStockPhoto

This website provides free images for any businesses and professionals for free. All photos in the website can be used commercially without any charges.


34. FreeRange

This website provides free images for any businesses and professionals for free. All photos in the website can be used commercially without any charges.


35. NegativeSpace

The images in NegativeSpace are gathered from contributors after a process of portfolio submission and image review and are of very good quality for professional use.


36. Photos by icons8

Icons8, a company that creates media and UX elements and sells them under a freemium model. They also offer commercially free to use images.


37. Official SpaceX Photos

Are you in need of free high quality images of space. Check out SpaceX’s flicker Page.


38. WunderStock

WunderStock is a library of high quality public domain photos plus extended results for 10+ million Creative Commons images on Flickr.


39. MoveEast

MoveEast is the creation of a Portuguese Photographer, clicking photographs all over Asia. All the images here are free to use.


40. Morguefile

Morguefile is one of the oldest free image website. Launched in 1996 to serve as a free image exchange for creative professionals and teachers to use in their work.



41. FreePik

FreePik is one of my favorite website to visit not only for free photos but also various illustrations and Photoshop files. Although the website has both free and premium content, their collection of free images is vast too.



In the end all I can say is, although I have compiled a list of 40 or so websites, the list of sites providing free images is huge. You can check out a very handy github post which lists websites providing new free images and other design resources.

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